Blinded by teeth

White teeth are something we all want a little bit of, but some of us are more obsessed than others and want to look somewhere in-between Cheryl cole’s perfect veneers and Simon Cowells blinding smile.
I personally love the Hollywood smile look but not quite Ross from friends after to many spray tans.


Obviously the first step to whiter teeth is stop drinking black coffee, fizzy drinks and red wine!
If you simply can’t put the americano down then do invest in a straw.
Anyway my whole reason of writing this blog is that I needed a new toothpaste and accidentally picked up a new Colgate one.

I won’t use anything other than Colgate (I’m sure it’s one of those habits you inherit from your parents) so I picked up the first one I saw. Went to use it and it’s bright blue.
Not pale blue like the others, this is blinding blue and gets everywhere.
So I gave it ago and despite the fact it leaves me with blue lips it also leaves me with the pearliest whites I’ve ever had.
Taste wise I like it, which again I’m normally fussy about. Fresh and minty.

Thank me later,




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