Discovering Tinted Moisturiser

Tinted Moisturiser is something I have never really bothered about because I have either worn foundation or not and never really thought about the middle man.
Until I was introduced to the beauty that is Laura Mericer Tinted Moisturiser.
This little pocket of heaven is perfect for the days when you don’t want to wear foundation but still want to look alive.
It’s great for the week days for work, it still gives a small amount of coverage and has a strong durability. With a primer underneath this will last into the night.
It is perfect for holiday to give you that sun kissed look.
With a smooth finish and easy to apply this product is perfect for even a make up dummy to apply.
Sometimes I use a duo fibre brush, or real techniques brush sometimes I use my simple finger tips as I never loose those and I can’t say the same for my make up brushes.
It retails at £34
Which can sound expensive but it’s worth it and goes a long way.


Thank me later,




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