Matte Lippy Mad

I first tried Matte Lipsticks when Kylie Jenner dropped her collection and like the rest of you I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Why where they selling out so quickly? Was it because of her celeb status? (obviously) Or was it because the product was as good as she was making out? 

I purchased Dolce K, looking at it online thinking it would be a nice darkish nude. It was a lot more on the dark side and a lot less on the nude side when It came. Looking more like a dark brown but nether the less I didn’t have any colours like it. I tried it on straight away and like anything it takes me a week to like it and two to love it. I then tried to take it off..

This is by far the most hard wearing lipstick I have ever come across. Nothing was shifting it. So yes my eleven hour shift is safe with this lipstick. Two weeks in – I Love it and can’t stop wearing it. If only the shipping fee and import tax was cheaper I would have them all by now. As the lipsticks themselves I believe are good value.

So with that in mind I purchased a cheaper option. NYX matte lipstick. The colour choice was vast and I chose three I liked the look of. I love all three of them and wear them often. They don’t dry as quickly as the Kylie ones, and certainly don’t last half as well but for the price I am not complaining and can’t wait to buy more shades!

Why not join the matte lipstick craze yourself. You won’t look back,




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