Obsessed With Herbal Tea

My Herbal Tea obsession began when I got the mother of all colds completely out of the blue. I was five minutes into a full set of highlights on the busiest day of the week when my nose started running down my face like a tap. A tap I couldn’t turn off and was not welcome. 

I ploughed through the day being the trooper I am. Did a bootcamp class after work then went home to moan about my cold. (Which is mandatory by the way when you have a cold. The moaning part not the bootcamp).

After moaning for about 20 minutes my sister introduced me to the heaven that is herbal tea. She had done her research on the best ones to get for a cold, cough frankly anything. I drank roughly four different ones took some cold and flu tablets and felt a million times better in the morning!


I have continued to drink these for the past few days and have felt tons better! 

I would seriously recommend these to help anyone get through this cold time of year. That and a flu jab.

Thank me later,




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