November – Can’t live without

Having a make up kit to my disposal I often swap between favourite products. I become very fickle with new products, and normally after a week of having a product then I love it.

My must haves in my make up bag at the moment are:


Nars creamy concealer. This little beauty I can’t live without. It is purrrrrrrrrrrfect for those dark circles that just won’t budge. Its good coverage and light finish leaves it on all day. I feel I have to buy it a lot more than my other make up products (meaning I’m not sure it lasts as long) but equally I use it a lot? So I’m not 100% sure about that. 

Hush – Mac cosmetics creamy highlighter. Oh hunny. This little beauty is a must now in my make up bag. With my duo fibre brush this goes on perfectly and gives my cheeks that pop they need without looking caked in blusher. (Im not much of a blusher kind of gal) I Believe if I was 5 years older I would be, I think its a generation thing. 


Face and body – Mac Cosmetics. I often go back to this foundation and always love when I do. Its very lightweight and doesn’t give much coverage personally thats what I like for my daily wear. What works for me in foundation I’m sure doesn’t work for everyone, as some like coverage and a fuller look so do bare that in mind before purchasing. Try before you buy n’all that.

Ghd curling iron. I Love how you can get a wave or a curl with this. Brush it out or leave it tight and curly its up to you! Heats up super quick and at £120 I think its well worth the price & comes with a two year guarantee. 

What can’t you live without this November? Will you continue to use it in December? 




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