Lil message to say thanks.

Here is my end of year reflection if you will and a whole lot of appreciation for everyone who’s helped me in 2016 achieve things I used to dream of! 

When 2016 started I had a goal of what I wanted to achieve and if I became almost close to that I would have been happy. Let alone going above and beyond. Last year was my first year being self employed and I was starting to build back up my client base after leaving my previous salon and I was way busier than I could have ever imagined, still spending lots of time jetting off around the world. This year I have had my head stuck in business mode with the occasional holiday. I have been developing my skills and learning more than ever before. 2017 I want to learn more, achieve bigger and continue to keep my clients happy & sassy!

I have learnt that the key to being a good hairdresser is that you never stop learning. I love doing courses and constantly developing my skills so I can give my clients the best experience and styles possible. Which leads me to say a HUGE thank you to my ever so fabulous clients. They inspire me daily and let me push the boundaries with hair everyday. We try new colours, brands and get creative with their hair.  

So to wrap it all up I just want to say Thank you to my amazing clients that trust me with their hair and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings. 

See you in 2017,





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