New year New Do

Bringing in the January frosty air and iced over cars makes us think about what we want to achieve in this fabulous year of 2017.
Chop your hair off and start fresh? Or get some added length to flick over your shoulder for a new year of SASS. I can’t wait to see all my lovely clients and what ideas they have in store. With all this in mind when you set your hair goal for 2017, keep in mind time. It takes time to do a complete re-style on your locks and keep them healthy at the same time. For example:

Extensions- If you’re wanting extra hair this year then go to the best expert around. Do your research and buy all the after care kits in the land because if you look after it properly then it will look fabulous. If you don’t you will create more mess in your hair which does not look good in any month. You’re looking for a good few hours for them being put in and then regular maintenance after that.

Chop- If you’re thinking of chopping off your hair, again research what you want. Find your favourite pictures of styles you want and take them to your hairdresser. Then think about how to style it day to day. Is this suitable for your day to day routine or do you need to be able to tie it back? Re style’s normally take roughly 1 hour. Anything touching two hours for a cut and you need to find a new stylist.

Colour Correction- RESEARCH. I can’t say this enough. Re search the colour you want and what it takes to get there other than a whole lot of stripper and bleach. When it comes to colour corrections be prepared to pay a lot and potentially 2-3 sessions depending on what you want to achieve and what your hair is like at the starting line. You will get there, just have some patience and faith in your hairdresser. Make sure you find a stylist you love and they will do the hard work for you. Mark your whole day out for this bad boy because who knows how long it will take but that’s the fun part!
Enjoy finding your muse! Im off to find mine.




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