Then & Now

This blog goes out to all hairdressers because the minute I start talking shades it’s like we are talking a different language. Our own language I should say. Clients could also learn a thing or two though! 

Doing a big colour correction is always a delight. It is a delight as long as you have the following:

  • All the time you need booked out (usually half a day)
  • A client who trusts you and the process
  • Plenty of colour
  • Lots of confidence in your ability as a hairdresser

I felt the need to write this blog after creating one of my favourite before and afters to date. My friend Lucy came to me with a couple of pictures in mind of how she would like her hair doing. This was how she wanted her hair, 

The picture on the left was her ideal result. She wouldn’t mind the picture on the right if the colour was going to take a couple of goes. Already she had made my job easier! She understood it might not all happen in one go, and although I might sound like a Greek Goddess in the hair land, I am in fact only human and at the end of the day your hair will do as it pleases. 

So in rolls my client with some snacks, UGGs at the ready and comfy clothes because she knows she’s here for a while. 


Here’s the before picture. Lucy has probably the thickest longest hair I’ve come across. Makes me reel in hair envy 24/7. 

When colouring my client’s hair I ‘Baby lighted’ her entire head. Starting with the underneath, so that it was easy to take them out first, I took very fine sections and weaved every single one. I did not take any of the lightener directly to the root to create a more natural finish. We then toned her whole head, toning the root slightly darker and ashier to create a nice shadow look. I then toned all the mid lengths and ends to a nice clean blonde with plenty of shine. Hey presto here’s the finished result; 

Five hours and twenty minutes later we were finished. I did have a client in between which obviously made this time slightly longer, however I would recommend when stylists are booking in a colour correction don’t book anyone inbetween as it just makes everything run smoother. Luckily it was a friend who was also having her hair done so that made it fun!

What do you think of Lucy’s transformation? Do you do lots of colour corrections? If you’re a client then why not have a drastic change now you know some of the details of what goes on behind the scenes!




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