Sort your SH*T out Sundays

Sort your SH*T out Sundays, the meaning is in the title. 

To many people choose their sunday as their lazy day or their day to be hungover and do nothing. I feel sundays should have a new title. Not ‘Lazy SundayzZz’ It should be ‘Sort your SH*T out Sundays’. 

People need to become more proactive and make things happen for themselves rather than sitting around dreaming about it or looking at how other people are chasing their dreams. Social media plays a big part in this huge actually. It’s so easy to get onto Instagram or Facebook and see how well we think other people are doing which leads to a world of self doubt. 

Whether you are a personal trainer, hairdresser, make up artist or simply aspiring to be anything! It doesn’t matter if there are already a million good ones already in your area, because there will be a million more. You can create whatever life you want with hard work and determination. However you will not find it sitting around doing nothing 24/7. I’m not saying we don’t deserve a day of rest because you do just not 24 hours a day. So find your passion and if you find it in a hairbrush, practice till you need a new one. Start your productiveness on a Sunday, because why not?

Thank me later,




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