Magician? No Hairdresser

People often mistake me as a magician. More then you would think actually. On a daily basics I find myself being shown pintrest pictures of colours nothing like my clients hair currently is. As a hairdresser it’s so easy to become knee deep in self doubt of wondering why you can’t find the perfect grey, why can’t my root tint go as ashy as her picture does? 

Have you ever stopped to think maybe you haven’t got the right client? I mean canvas. 

To create the perfect colour for our client we need the perfect canvas. By that I mean hair that hasn’t been washed with super market shampoo’s, box died within a inch of its life and straightened everyday. I simply can not create a perfect colour with all these battling against me every step of the way. 

As your hairdresser we know what we’re talking about when we say its going to take a few go’s. Possibly six months including lots of treatments, regular cuts and then you will reach your desired look. The best thing you can do when wanting a change is accept all of this and have a lot of faith in your stylist. You’re going to be parting with lots of money but by doing that you’re investing in your hair and believe me it’s worth it in the end. 

As for stylists when you get that dreaded phone call from your client telling you that she’s not happy with the colour for whichever reason it might be. Take a deep breath, and remember you’re not a magician. You’re aloud to make mistakes as you’re a human and thats what humans do. Accept responsibility and you will learn from this and only become better. Don’t let it knock you as much as I know it will. Dab your eyes, and show your client how willing you are to make their hair perfect. After all if your client has given you the chance to rectify your mistake then you’re already on to a winner. Remember every cloud! 

Hope this helps all my fellow stylists and clients.




P.s Here is a look I created on one of my clients. She had been trying to go lighter for a while after having lots of box colour’s built up on her hair. This was my first time colouring her hair. She was fully aware that it will take a couple of times to get the ashy colour she desires, and is patient with me throughout the process. 


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