New Love For Extensions

I’ve always been someone to mess with my hair. Whether it’s changing the colour from black to blonde putting a few clip in extensions in for a night out you name it. 

I had a LA weave once when it was my 21st and although it was nice while it lasted, it was a little bulky for my liking and the hair was forever knotting. Which didn’t leave me with the best impression on wanting hair extensions done again. 

I then discovered the beauties that are Jen Atkin Tape extensions by Beauty Works. These   tiny tapes are as simple as the name. The application is quick, you can’t feel them in your hair without touching them. There is no bulk. Easy to tie up and style. Drying them takes me 15minutes and when I’ve curled them it stays in for days.

What more could you want? 

The range of colours are to die for. The quality of the hair is the best I’ve ever felt, I couldn’t believe the thickness of each tape. They’re the most expensive hair extensions I’ve ever had but why is that a surprise with the immaculate finish you get what you pay for. 

 I still love when people say ‘you’ve gone lighter’ and I can say ‘yes I have but without using any bleach’.

Extensions are my worst kept secret because I want the world to know how fabulous they are. 

Thank me later,




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