Eating with Wyatt

Eat with Wyatt testimonial

Eat with Wyatt is a healthy eating nutritional plan catered for you to achieve your dream bod. 

As someone who already works out a lot and eats relatively healthy, I was very intrigued  to start the 6 week clean eating plan to see if it would work when there wasn’t a great deal I felt was going to change.
Wow was I wrong!
As women we all have certain parts of our body that are controlled by our minds. Mine was my legs! I’ve danced from being four years old and have always had big thighs and never been able to trim them. Until now, I started eating exactly what Jess told me too, no snacking no diet cokes and the meals where lovely! (You are aloud to snack I just didn’t). Before I knew it my legs where trimming inches off them and toning up, my stomach became more defined and my arms felt tighter. I was baffled, How can changing just a few key things in your diet make such a difference to areas that had never before shifted? Jess was constantly there for help and advice and quick to change any meals around my allergies and fussiness. She helped me with any questions and even checked a menu online for me when I was eating out to tell me the best healthy options. The six week plan is the key to finally getting that bikini body, without having to starve in the process.
I am currently coming home from a weekend of drinking and lots of heavy food and I can’t wait to get back to the gym and get my healthy meals ready. Mentally and physically healthier thanks to the lovely, Eat with Wyatt x

Get your plan by emailing the lovely jess – or check out her instagram – @eatwithwyatt

Thank me later,




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