Plane Skin

Plane skin!
Anyone who’s been on a long haul flight knows the harrowing feeling it has on your skin. Unless it’s just me?
I leave the aeroplane with my skin feeling dryer than ever lips all chapped and normally ill.
It’s not a good look.

With this in mind before embarking on a 9 hour flight recently I took some of my own advice to look after my skin this time.
I got myself into Kheils at duty free and invested in these two beauties with some left over holiday spends on the way home.
Midnight oil– A product to apply all over my face (avoiding the eye area) this keeps my skin soft dewy and hydrated all 9 hours. It’s lightweight finish is easy to apply and you don’t need to use much at all. When I was ready to get off the flight my skin was feeling soft and re hydrated. I’ve continued using this product since home and it’s by far one of my favourites.
Avocado eye cream– When using skin moisturising products you should always avoid your eye area as your skin is completely different there. If you use a skin product on the eye area it can weigh your eyes down and potentially create wrinkles. So with this in mind I bought myself an eye cream again with intense hydration and a silky smooth finish.

 Carmex – Lip balm. Can’t go wrong with a good lip balm. I would normally go between this or eight hour cream by Elizabeth Arden. Depending on much hydration they need and how much you would like to spend. However I would highly recommend both.


Next time you’re on a long haul flight get your skin feeling better than when you got on, you won’t regret it!

Thank me later





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