Finding Inspiration

With a hectic working schedule and cramming everything into 24 hours a day I have taken a back seat on one of my passions. Writing my blog. I don’t write with the idea that someone will read my thoughts when I’m putting pen to paper, simply more as a therapy. Although recently I’ve struggled to find inspiration on what to write about. Then it hit me. All my blogs don’t need to be about hair and beauty they can be about other things too. The main focus well person, that has been inspiring me recently (always) is my mum. 

Like all mums she’s pretty boss. 

Putting aside all her mum attributes that make her amazing. Looking at her as an individual person for a minute and not just my ‘mum’. She’s even more amazing then I realised. I tell this story to just about anyone who will hear it as I’m so proud of her. 

Nina (mum), decided to start eating a bit better cutting down on the vino and take up swimming. She had never been able to swim and was terrified of the water. So hitting the nail on the head she took up swimming lessons at 35 years of age. After constantly battling her fears she managed to put her face in the water and even learnt to dive! Before I knew it she was running. Running!! She couldn’t even run to the end of the road and back when she started at 45 years of age and size 16 in clothes. 10 years later, she has ran three marathons over 30 half marathons, swims three times a week and has a whole new group of friends. Her story inspires me on a  daily basics that when something scares me I know I can do it. It reminds me that fear is all in our minds and not a physical thing. With the right drive and determination I genuinely feel anyone can do anything they want. Wether thats running a marathon or pitching a new business deal. 

If you’re one of the ten people to read this blog I hope it inspires you to do something proactive. Think outside the box of comfort because a whole world stands outside it. 

Thank me later,




P.s She’s also a whizz at english and proof reads every blog. What would I do without you Nina.  


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