Working The Hoops

Have you heard? Hoops are BACK. Of course you have, because they where spotted on the runway back in 2016 but yet I’m always last to find these things out. Late to the party as usual. 

Being late to the party I’m now that person who needs ten pairs of hoops to catch up and see what I’m missing. I have recently purchased some simple gold basic bad ass bitch hoops from Topshop. Like I just stepped off a music video with Jlo, or even lunch with Jlo anything that includes Jennifer Lopez basically. 

With this in mind I felt the timing was perfect to show you all some simple, easy and effective hairstyles to showcase those lobes. 

Easiest and most effective, drawing all attention to your face.

The face lift pony

I would spray my hair with a texture or dry shampoo spray first. Using my Denman Natural Brissle brush I scrape back all my hair into a high pony. Giving myself a free face lift. I then bobble the hair at the top of my crown, wrapping a piece of hair around disguising the bobble and securing that with a hair grip. Hairspray to finish for that super sleek finish. ETA 5 mins. 


The sophisticated sassy low bunMy favourite.

Start by parting your hair in the centre. Nice and straight lines no one likes a zig zag parting, we are not in 2001. Secure at the nape of your neck, with a bobble. Then twist your hair in a circular motion, wrapping it around the bobble. Securing neatly with grips. Leave some hair down at the front if you have shape cut in for a softer finish. If you’re feeling extra add a red lip. ETA 7 mins. 


The boho I woke up like this high bun.

The one that looks the most effortless but takes the longest time to wrap your fingers around. Start by having movement in your hair. Wave it, curl it or simply spray a texture spray on it for some extra boho and volume. Take the top section of your hair and loosely bobble into a pony tail keeping it as high as possible. As the last style now wrap your hair around the bobble loosely pinning into place. Allow shorter pieces of hair to fall down around your face creating a softer ‘I don’t really care’ look. Although remember you do care, because this took you longer than any other look. ETA 15 min.



If you can’t hack the heat of hair down, create the same look but by putting all your hair up. Remembering the key is to be able to see the movement in your hair not as structured. ETA 7min.


When you’re done styling your hair, found your killer lipstick and put on some sunglasses that make you slay just remember.. the bigger the hoop bigger the hoe.  

Thank me later,







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