2018 GOALS

IMG_6145.JPGGoals are so important to set, they keep us motivated and active. The minute you complete your goal you’re filled with a sense of achievement that only you can create.
So I figured I would share some of my 2018 hair goals with you all to give you some inspiration of your own.

  • Write more. I have slacked so much this year on writing and blogging. I let my 50 hour week get the better of me and filled my spare time catching up on the Kardashians instead. So I am determined to make more of my blog this year!
  • Make hair videos. This is something I’ve wanted to do forever, but I’ve always felt scared and nervous. Afraid of the sound of my own voice on a recording and if my personality would come across well. However if you never try you will never know, right?!
  • Experiment. Taking time out to experiment with different hairstyles, taking more inspiration from other hair stylists and finding colours and brands I’ve never used before.
  • Finally my biggest one, is not letting the fear of not succeeding stopping me from trying. 

So there you have it! Not quite a New Year’s resolution as I never stick to those anyway. Simply my hair goals of 2018. What are yours? Anything you want to achieve and become bad ass at?

Hopefully this triggered yours!
Thank me later,



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