Bridal hair 101

The countdown app is fully loaded, your dress is being altered and the invites have been sent but you still can’t decide on a hairstyle? Sounds familiar. 

There are so many different elements to your hair on the big day. Do you want to go up or down? Curly or straight? Flowers or hair piece? Thats all before you’ve even found the right stylist. 

So lets break it down in a way that will give you a little inspiration.

 These above images have lots of volume texture and twists in them. These styles would be perfect for you if you’re craving height and like a more natural finish. If you have finer hair I would suggest a couple of extensions to give a fuller finish with one of these styles. You can get tape extensions for an even distribute of thickness or clip ins for the convenience. 

Pulled out braids. Great if you like to keep your hair off your face and don’t want to worry about it all day. This style can also be complimented with some extra add in hair for length and width on the plait. The picture on the left has a hair piece clipped in and the picture on the right is natural medium to fine hair with no added extensions. You can also easily glam this simple relaxed style up with a vale, flowers or hair clip. Plaits are shown off better in hair with different tones in it to show a more three dimensional finish. 

These sleeker styles are designed for those who don’t like mess and texture. These styles show shine and elegance. Up do’s are easily versatile and can be done with fine or thick hair! For extra volume in these styles your stylist can use a hair padding piece to keep the volume in all day. You can personalise these styles by having it higher, lower or even over to one side if you prefer. 

Whatever style you decide you want, it is SO important to have a trial with your stylist before the big day. Most stylists won’t commit to a wedding day booking without doing a trial before. As it’s very common to change your mind on a style once trying it out. 

Finally, everything will come together on the day. Take a few deep breathes in and out and remember everything will work out just the way you planned!

Thank me later







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