Dry Shampoo, Do you dare?

Dry shampoo is something that’s been around for years. Something majority of my clients use and forget to wash out before they have their hair done, but why is it we just can’t live without it? 

The obvious answers to this and definitely some of my reasons for using it are;

  • It gives you an extra day before having to wash your hair
  • Hair can very quickly look oily, dry shampoo soaks up the oils 
  • Gives extra volume
  • Time!

However recently one of my clients found her hair falling out more than normal when washing it. I suggested she had a break from the dry shampers and with no time at all she found her hair wasn’t falling out anywhere near as much. I have heard numerous stories similar to this which leaves me thinking is it worth it?

Dry shampoo can cause build up, dull your hair colour and even effect your scalp. Is it worth the risk? Personally I have stopped using it anywhere near as much and I’ve noticed my hair feels much healthier and actually fuller.

We wash our faces twice a day, so why not give your hair a similar luxury? I’m not saying start washing your hair daily, however don’t neglect it when it needs you! Your hair should be looked after just as much as your skin, It’s the crown you never take off after all. Its important to keep it clean and healthy to help reduce the risk of a dry scalp. 

Give it a thought next time you skip the hair wash and grab a can of dry shampoo. 

Thank me later,






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