King Kylie’s waves and weaves

The baby of the Jenner/Kardashian family has had her own baby, King Kylie is a mom! (She’s American after all). 

I thought when better to showcase my favourite Kylie hair styles than now. She’s partial to a centre parting and a loose wave. However she’s very quick to take a 360 and change her look completely. Reminding us it’s fun to change your style! Granted most of these pictures if not all have hours of work behind them by celebrity stylists. Which isn’t exactly what the rest of us have before we step out of the door.

Here are some simple ways to make your moody Monday hair into a sassy Saturday look.

BANGS Make them messy, take them shorter than before. Hair grows so stop thinking that by going shorter this time it will last forever. More like a few weeks tops.

COLOUR If you are a platinum blonde, and bored of seeing the same shade everyday go grab a bottle of crazy colour or a hair appointment depending on how brave and creative you are. 

CUT Get a little braver and blunt. These styles are sassy, classy and will set you aside from the other bobs around. 

TEXTURE Use some Fudge Texture spray for the ends of your hair to take away the softness. 

PLAY Mess around with your hair. Add clip ins for extra length or colour. Half tie up the top of your hair. If you’re organised enough plan your halloween outfit now and you could too go as X-Tina. 

Hopefully this has given you some Inspo for your luscious locks because love her or hate her Kylie Jenner is the KING of changing her hair and the QUEEN of individuality. 

Thank me later,




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