As usual I start my blogs apologising for being absent for months, and giving my reasons while begging for forgiveness. As I’m so good at that why change now! 

I have been completely M I A recently with my life feeling like its running at a thousand miles an hour. The main reason for my lack of attention to my blog is running! If you work with me or are one of my close friends you will probably stop reading about now as you’ve heard nothing but this for the past 4 months. 

In January I felt really sluggish after Christmas, eating far too much and drinking  prosecco everyday. So with that in mind my sister suggested signing ourselves up to a race to get ourselves motivated. A marathon. Yep a full marathon. I have watched my mum run three before and always said one day I will run one. 

So sticking to my word that’s what I’m doing! Sunday 20th May, I will be running 26.2 miles rain or shine. The training has been the hardest thing I have ever done, without a doubt! Having to be strict on what I eat on the days leading up to long runs, building up the distance and simply trying to walk the day after. However I have loved challenging myself and never thought I would get this far so whatever happens now on the day of the race I will be proud of myself!


Other than that it’s been general chaotic life that’s been getting in the way of me writing any blogs. As of the 20th May I should have much more free time to ramble on about all things hair and make up!

See you at the finish line!





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