Finally putting my chipped nails to the key board

Sitting here on a Wednesday afternoon (I just had to check what day it even was) I’ve suddenly felt ready to start this bad boy back up again. I visioned myself blogging so much in my first weeks and days in Dubai. Wether it was to help anyone else thinking of doing the same, or simply keeping my clients up to date with my daily routine. I probably envisioned myself bragging about Dubai life too. However anytime I went to do it I found myself stopping and doing something else. I realised today I’ve been putting it off because I felt I didn’t have anything relevant to write, however it occurred to me it’s more relatable when you’re not winning at life then when you are. 

Being an in demand hairdresser at home and having to turn more people away from being so booked up is something I was so grateful for and in some people’s opinions foolish to put on hold and move abroad.

When arriving in Dubai I expected to walk into my dream salon, with a full column and be rushed off my feet straight away. How naive of my 24 year old self. 

My reality check hit me hard when I realised there isn’t a Salon of Marple in Dubai and a waiting list of clients for me. It’s probably taken me three weeks to come to terms with this and be remembered of my reasons for coming here. To challenge myself and to learn. I became in such a routine at home it needed to be shook up and turned on its head. I was becoming lazy, finishing earlier and just expecting to be fully booked 24/7 rather then working for my clients.

Luckily with the support of the amazing people I have around me and back in the UK, I quickly remembered I’ve built a client base before I can do it again. I’m now so excited for the journey I have ahead of me, building a client base from scratch, while working with a beautiful group of girls who couldn’t make me feel more at home. I swear when I have a couple of days off I loose my shit and become like a caged animal with eyes so wide they’re going to pop out of my head. So now I have learned to take the free time I have right now and roll with it because soon I expect to be just as busy as I was in not so sunny old stockport. 


It’s been a pleasure ranting to you and becoming more amped up then ever to work hard at my job. 




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