King Kylie’s waves and weaves

The baby of the Jenner/Kardashian family has had her own baby, King Kylie is a mom! (She's American after all).  I thought when better to showcase my favourite Kylie hair styles than now. She's partial to a centre parting and a loose wave. However she's very quick to take a 360 and change her look … Continue reading King Kylie’s waves and weaves


Dry Shampoo, Do you dare?

Dry shampoo is something that's been around for years. Something majority of my clients use and forget to wash out before they have their hair done, but why is it we just can't live without it?  The obvious answers to this and definitely some of my reasons for using it are; It gives you an … Continue reading Dry Shampoo, Do you dare?

Plane Skin

Plane skin! Anyone who's been on a long haul flight knows the harrowing feeling it has on your skin. Unless it's just me? I leave the aeroplane with my skin feeling dryer than ever lips all chapped and normally ill. It's not a good look. With this in mind before embarking on a 9 hour … Continue reading Plane Skin