Cats out the bag

Finally the cats out the bag! (the secret it out) At the end of this month I will be leaving the salon I've called home for the past three and a half years to move to Dubai. I have become busier then I could have ever hoped for and I've learnt many new tips and … Continue reading Cats out the bag


King Kylie’s waves and weaves

The baby of the Jenner/Kardashian family has had her own baby, King Kylie is a mom! (She's American after all).  I thought when better to showcase my favourite Kylie hair styles than now. She's partial to a centre parting and a loose wave. However she's very quick to take a 360 and change her look … Continue reading King Kylie’s waves and weaves

Plane Skin

Plane skin! Anyone who's been on a long haul flight knows the harrowing feeling it has on your skin. Unless it's just me? I leave the aeroplane with my skin feeling dryer than ever lips all chapped and normally ill. It's not a good look. With this in mind before embarking on a 9 hour … Continue reading Plane Skin