Finally putting my chipped nails to the key board

Sitting here on a Wednesday afternoon (I just had to check what day it even was) I've suddenly felt ready to start this bad boy back up again. I visioned myself blogging so much in my first weeks and days in Dubai. Wether it was to help anyone else thinking of doing the same, or … Continue reading Finally putting my chipped nails to the key board


Cats out the bag

Finally the cats out the bag! (the secret it out) At the end of this month I will be leaving the salon I've called home for the past three and a half years to move to Dubai. I have become busier then I could have ever hoped for and I've learnt many new tips and … Continue reading Cats out the bag


As usual I start my blogs apologising for being absent for months, and giving my reasons while begging for forgiveness. As I'm so good at that why change now!  I have been completely M I A recently with my life feeling like its running at a thousand miles an hour. The main reason for my … Continue reading M.I.A