Will anything prepare me for the rush of Christmas 2016?
Probably not.
Maybe remembering how hectic last year was and times it by two as every year continues to get busier and busier.
(Which is a dream come true might I add)

Last year was a tough year for my family so I decided to take myself off to Thailand for Christmas to end it on a positive note. With this in mind it made me realise how important that break was. I believe that in the summer we all ‘need a holiday’ because everyone around us is going away. Where as personally I believe that I need a holiday at the end of the Callander year.
The two months leading up to Christmas I work extended hours (I already work roughly 53 hours a week) squeezing in weddings on Sundays and extra Balayages taking me into the night.
I love it!
The rush is brilliant and it never gets old hearing Mariah carey at this time of year with a sprinkle of cinnamon in my Christmas coffee.
So this year I’m going to enjoy working X-mas eve with the glamorous team at the salon.. and shortly after yes I will be jetting off to celebrate NYE with my other half.
This is the time of year where I have worked myself to my limit and know that all my clients agree the break is needed and well deserved.

So I will be preparing for the X mas rush by:

– Extending my hours
– Listening to Mariah Carey
– Drinking Christmas coffee
– Making sure all my clients look flawless for Santa
– & remembering as of 24th December at 1 o clock, the scissors will go down and the gin will be in the cooler.

Hairdressers and fellow therapists, enjoy the festive period and the rush & remember Christmas only happens once a year.
Enjoy it don’t dread it!